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Tarmac Africa Construction comprises of highly competent and experienced personnel that complement our projects management team, all of which possess remarkable technical experience relevant to civil engineering. As such sound technical and business decisions are guaranteed by our management team.

We currently operate from a centralized office in Kempton Park, Gauteng and work everywhere in South Africa.

No job too big or too small.

Tarmac is a product of clean crushed stone aggregate mixed with quarry dust, cement and bitumen binders. The stone comes in different sizes depending on whether it’s a fine , medium or course grade of mix. This is the product commonly known as ASPHALT. The process of installation commonly referred to as Tar surfacing or Tar paving.

At TARMAC Africa - We adhere to the following values.

To provide an integrated, holistic and professional service in undertaking projects regardless of the prevailing conditions, be it economic or situational.

To deliver service as swiftly as well as possible maintaining the highest degree of efficiency and precision.

To come out with a quality and durable end product that withstands the normal daily forces that promote wearing out.

We are committed to work place safety standards and the rational use of resources that contribute to a sustainable and healthy environment.